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Our Purpose

Bshirt & Sustainable Fashion:
Bshirt leads the charge in sustainable fashion. Over our six-year journey, we've focused on making the everyday wardrobe of women more adaptable to breastfeeding and pregnancy needs. Our ethos? Merging timeless design with ecological considerations, proving that style, functionality, and sustainability can harmoniously coexist.

The Stark Reality of Fashion’s Environmental Impact:

  • Fashion's carbon footprint is staggering, responsible for 10% of global emissions. This isn't just a statistic—it's a call to action.
  • Every year, a whopping 350k tonnes of garments are discarded into UK landfills. It's not just waste—it's lost potential for recycling and reuse.
  • Alarmingly, the fashion world stands as the 2nd largest water consumer. It's tied to a concerning 20% of the world's water pollution, affecting our ecosystems and communities.

Our Threefold Eco-Mantra:

  • Reduce: Beyond just clothes, we see a lifestyle. We champion lasting attire, urging our community to choose quality over quantity. Short-lived maternity fashion might be the norm, but we challenge that status quo.
  • Reuse: Our certified PreLoved collection is more than a shopping choice—it's an eco-conscious statement. By embracing pre-loved garments, we not only save money but also champion a circular fashion cycle.
  • Recycle: Bshirt is designed for longevity. And when its first journey ends, our Buy Back scheme ensures it's just the beginning. By returning their Bshirts, our customers enjoy a 10-30% reward, propelling them towards sustainable future purchases.

Our Vision, Our Shared Future:
Today's consumption habits shape tomorrow's world. At Bshirt, our mission goes beyond textiles. We aim to uplift breastfeeding rates in the UK, drastically cut down clothing waste, and weave a brighter, eco-conscious future. By supporting Bshirt, our customers don't just choose a brand—they choose a movement. Together, we're sewing the fabric of a better tomorrow.