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Designed with care

We prioritise smart, responsible choices in every aspect of our design and production processes to ensure we’re always making the best decisions for you and the environment. Our material selection process is thorough and meticulous, focusing on environmental and human health impacts.

Material Selection

Responsibility is woven into every fiber of our being.

When choosing materials, we consider several key factors to ensure that each garment aligns with our high standards for sustainability and quality:

  1. Water Impact: Minimizing water usage in the production process.
  2. Energy Input: Ensuring energy-efficient manufacturing practices.
  3. Human Toxicity: Avoiding materials that pose health risks to workers and consumers.
  4. Eco-Toxicity: Selecting materials that do not harm ecosystems.
  5. Garment Care Implications: Addressing issues like microfiber shedding during washing.
  6. Availability: Ensuring sustainable materials are readily available.

By considering these factors, we ensure that our products not only delight our customers but also contribute to a healthier, more sustainable world.

Our Material Choices

After considering these factors, we use a selection of eco-friendly materials:

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton farming is better for the environment because it reduces environmental and textile workers' exposure to toxic chemicals, saves water, and protects biodiversity. 


Viscose is made from cellulose, a natural raw material found in wood. It is extracted from beech or spruce wood, eucalyptus or bamboo.


Modal fabric is a bio-based fabric that is made from spinning beech tree cellulose. Modal is generally considered a more eco-friendly alternative to cotton.

Clean Chemical

The dyeing and finishing phase is where we turn our fibers and fabrics into the garments you know, love, and can’t stop wearing. These chemical processes determine the color, finish, and feel of your garment.

We are committed to using no harmful chemicals in our dyeing and finishing processes. Our practices focus on:

  1. Reducing Water Usage: Implementing water-efficient dyeing techniques.
  2. Energy Efficiency: Adopting energy-saving processes.
  3. Safe Chemicals: Only using dyes and finishes that are safe for both the environment and human health.


Our selection process ensures that every garment meets our high standards for sustainability and quality. By making these responsible choices, we ensure that our products not only delight our customers but also contribute to a healthier, more sustainable world.

Look and Feel

We use clean chemistry to achieve vibrant, long-lasting colours and soft, comfortable fabrics without compromising on safety. By using non-toxic dyes and finishes, we ensure that our garments not only look good but also feel great against your skin.

Garment Care

Our garments are designed to reduce microfiber shedding during washing. This not only extends the life of the garment but also minimises environmental pollution, contributing to a cleaner planet.


Our buy-back scheme and pre-loved category allow us to refurbish and resell, making sustainable fashion accessible to more people. This initiative helps extends the life cycle of our products.