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Thoughtfully Made

At Bshirt, we are deeply committed to ethical production practices. Thoughtful production means more than just making clothes—it means caring about every step of the process, from design to delivery, and ensuring that our practices are ethical, sustainable, and responsible.

Limited Production

We believe in the principles of slow fashion, which is why we focus on limited production runs. This approach helps us avoid overstocking and reduces waste.

Our collections are simple, classic, and all-season, designed to be timeless and versatile. This ensures that our customers can enjoy fashionable wear without contributing to the fast fashion cycle.

  • Timeless Collections: Our designs focus on simplicity and elegance, ensuring that our pieces remain stylish across seasons.

  • Data-Driven Restocking: We use data-driven methods to determine when and what to restock, ensuring that we meet demand without overproducing.

Ethical Production

We work with factories that are committed to renewable energy, water efficiency, clean chemistry, and excellent people practices. We regularly audit our factories to ensure they meet our high standards.

  • Renewable Energy: Partnering with factories that use renewable energy sources to minimize carbon footprints.
  • Water Efficiency: Ensuring factories implement water-saving technologies to reduce water usage.
  • Clean Chemistry: Only working with factories that use safe, non-toxic chemicals in the production process.
  • People Practices: Ensuring that all workers are treated fairly and work in safe, healthy environments.


We believe in transparency and accountability. Regular audits are conducted to ensure that our factories are making a positive impact and adhering to ethical practices.

  1. Regular Audits: Conducting frequent audits to monitor and improve factory practices.
  2. Transparency: Providing a detailed list of our factories and subcontractors to ensure full visibility of our supply chain.
  3. Continuous Improvement: Collaborating with factories to address any areas of improvement identified during audits.

Valuing Our Workers

Who makes your clothes and how they are treated matters a lot.

For way too long, the fashion industry has neglected fair treatment and wages for workers. At Bshirt, we value our workers by considering the true costs, which include fair wages, healthy work environments, and better people practices.

  1. Fair Wages: Ensuring all workers are paid fairly for their labor.
  2. Safe Working Conditions: Verifying that all factories provide safe and healthy environments for their workers.
  3. People-Centric Policies: Implementing and advocating for policies that prioritise the well-being of workers at every level of our supply chain.

Taking care of our teams and the people at every level of our supply chain is one of our biggest responsibilities as a fashion brand.

By upholding these values, we ensure that every Bshirt product is thoughtfully made, with care and respect for both people and the planet.