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Being (You) with Bshirt

Bshirt was founded on a simple yet profound desire: to make breastfeeding both accessible and comfortable for every mother. Launched in 2016, our patented Lift the Flap Nursing Vest has revolutionized the breastfeeding experience for over 50,000 women globally, providing them with a practical solution that does not compromise on style or personal expression.

Breastfeeding, while a natural process, is often laden with social challenges and stigmas that can make mothers feel uncomfortable or hesitant to feed in public. Bshirt stands as a pioneer in combating these barriers, offering designs that promote ease and discretion, allowing mothers to breastfeed confidently and comfortably wherever they are. Our designs ensure that mothers do not have to sacrifice their personal style or undergo the inconvenience of a wardrobe overhaul.

Own Your Story with Bshirt

At Bshirt, we aim to build a community where mums can truly own their story. We celebrate the unique and transformative journey of motherhood, empowering women to embrace this significant chapter of their lives with confidence.

Inspired by the symbol of the parenthesis—a blank canvas inviting introspection—Bshirt encourages mothers to narrate their personal tales of joy, challenges, and triumphs. The parenthesis, elevated by the power of "b," symbolizes a safe space for mums to (be) their authentic selves, reflecting our commitment to creating an environment where they can freely express their individuality and experiences.

Bshirt: More Than a Brand, a Movement

Bshirt isn't just a brand; it's part of a larger movement towards a sustainable, practical, and stylish approach to maternity fashion. By addressing the social challenges of breastfeeding, we empower mothers to confidently navigate their breastfeeding journey, supporting them in owning their stories and celebrating the beautifully imperfect moments and milestones of motherhood.

Join us in our commitment to change, not only in how mothers feed their babies but also in how they view and participate in fashion as a force for good.