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"The Bshirt is perfection. It can be worn throughout the year for all seasons. In spring and  summer it is beautiful and versatile with various skirts and jeans on its own. And in autumn and winter layering up under a jumper makes breastfeeding easy whilst staying warm and snuggly. It comes in beautiful colours and the quality is outstanding. I particularly like the lace details of the top. I have been wearing my top most days of the week and it makes breastfeeding so easy and I feel very confident whilst nursing having easy access without too much exposure. It washes and dries well and is an all around must have for all milk making mamas."
Maria Betsworth, Little Peach London

"I've been wearing it for the past few weeks and I am absolutely in love. Breastfeeding in public can make me feel really self-conscious. The Bshirt has given me the confidence to breastfeed in public with ease. It's so discreet even my husband didn't realise I was feeding! It's so easy to pair with Jeans and flats for a comfy casual look or with heels for an evening out. I just need to purchase one in every colour now! I literally would wear it every day if I didn't have to wash it!"
Sophie Gillum-Webb, Soph-Obsessed

"I love the fact that the baby isn’t covered because when you drape something over your breast and baby during a feed it interferes with the eye to eye contact and with your ability to easily check the latch. The material is super soft and the non-fussy design allows any Mum to incorporate it into their wardrobe quite easily whatever the weather."
Jane Mason, Registered Midwife and Managing Director of Natural Birthing Company

The Bshirt is a nursing vest that has been designed to improve confidence and comfort while breastfeeding. Here's what our customer's say:

“It's the best solution for turning your whole wardrobe into feeding clothes.”
Emma W

“These are life changers in my opinion and I have recommended them to so many people. Amazing inventions!!”
Anna T

“It's great to have a good quality top that allows discrete feeding and can be worn with a range of clothing - a breastfeeding staple for me now.”
Anna F

“I wish I didn't have to wash it otherwise, I'd wear it everyday!”
Laura Q

“The best item of summer clothing I own for breastfeeding in.”
Emily F

“It's such a joy to wear ordinary clothes again with a Bshirt underneath rather than living in my small selection of breastfeeding tops. I would highly recommend the Bshirt vests to anyone who is currently or thinking about breastfeeding.”
Mhairi M

“Great design and nice to wear at night.”
Amy A

“A great, simple, modern design, which allows me to discretely feed my boy anywhere. Super fabric, lovely finish, great quality. Thank you B shirt, breastfeeding made simple and stylish.”
Michelle B

“Really love the design of the vest which means I don't have to layer clothing all the time!”
Susan D

“Overall best nursing vest I have found.”
Naomi B

“The Bshirt has enabled me to wear my own clothes again - I love this!”
Jennifer B

“It allows me to wear certain clothing which I wouldn't normally wear while breastfeeding, such as low cut tunics/dresses.”
Natalie W

“Getting my hand in under the flap and unclipping my nursing bra is so quick and easy. I feel really covered and comfortable whilst I feed my baby.”
Juliette L

“The design of the shirt makes it so much easier to breastfeed discretely as well as comfortably.”
Clara S

“It was easier as I didn't need to use the two shirt method, which can get very hot! Loved that my tummy wasn't exposed.”
Michelle S

“I've always breastfed in public and it wasn't until I wore the Bshirt that I realised how self conscious I'd become. The Bshirt helps me to relax and feel confident - it's so much easier and I'm loving wearing my own clothes again!”
Jennie P

“Every time I wear my Bshirt I say to myself that I'm going to write to you to tell you how blooming brilliant it is!!!! I mean it!!......When I see the Bshirt in the clean washing pile I am so happy as it is by FAR the easiest top to breastfeed in without ever flashing my boob or tummy!! Thanks so much for making it easier to feed”
Rebecca G

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