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Article: The Essential Accessory this Summer for Breastfeeding Mammas

The Essential Accessory this Summer for Breastfeeding Mammas

The Essential Accessory this Summer for Breastfeeding Mammas

Article and review from Parent News UK

There is nothing more natural or lovely than to see a mum feeding her baby. The Bshirt allows you to do this as and when needed with ease and comfort -Great fashion!

Summer with Bshirt… Whether you are jetting off to make memories abroad, packing up the car for a weekend of camping in the Great British countryside or staying home to enjoy the break from term time, the Bshirt is an essential accessory for easy breastfeeding out and about this summer.

Making it even easier to adapt your existing wardrobe for breastfeeding plus stay cool in the heat, the award-winning Bshirt offers a light-weight comfortable and stylish solution. The brand-new colours recently launched means even more choice for mums, with bright and bold Sunset Red, pretty pastel Seashell Pink and divine Devon Mist.

New Mum Review...


I ordered the size Bshirt in both the black and white colour in size 14. Having suffered through the gauntlet of ordering maternity clothes online and the randomness of the sizing disparities, I was happy to find the sizing of the Bshirt to be accurate and whilst slightly more generous than the average it was a very definite size 14 and fit nicely.

Fabric & Quality

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the material. Thicker than most of the cheaper vest breast feeding tops it feels like it offers more support and shaping. Something I really like about the top as I found keeps the ‘less toned’ parts of me sucked in a bit and gives me a nice shape.

Practicality of Breast Feeding

Being a fairly self-conscious public breast feeder I normally use one of those around-the-neck breast feeding screens, however with the Bshirt I found that I could put baby onto the boob and then move the flap part of the top down a little to cover what was left exposed. This was a much better experience as it was easier and quicker than using the screen.


I was sceptical (having brought maternity and breast feeding clothes online and having had a real mixture of good and bad) that the Bshirt would live up to the hype, however I really like them and think that the quality of the top in regards to size and fabric is good. It is also great and easy to breast feed in them as they are well designed and discreet. I am definitely happy with my purchases and will most probably buy some others in some different colours.

Article and review from Parent News UK

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