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Article: The Bshirt and Boden do Mother's Day Fashion

The Bshirt and Boden do Mother's Day Fashion

The Bshirt and Boden do Mother's Day Fashion

A mother's day gift you’ve always wanted: Lunch out!

Are you excited for Mother's Day?!? Are you being treated to a lovely meal out  - perhaps your first ever one as a family? If the idea of breastfeeding a baby in a crowded restaurant or pub is not your idea of magical don't fret. You can still look lovely, feel special, and wear something new with the comfort of your Bshirt!

Meal out with the family? - yes please!

We found this pretty skirt by Boden and collared shirt from Jigsaw, paired with ballet flats from Boden too! We're just loving Boden this Mother's Day.

Wear your favourite coloured Bshirt, step into a skirt and feel as bold as its pattern, as sophisticated as the shirt and as pretty as the shoes. We love this combo and the Bshirt says everything about you and your baby! Simply unbutton your shirt and lift to feed, baring nothing more than the attachment between you and your baby.

Tip: New clothes, a meal out - let yourself be treated, you deserve it! 

Happy Mothers Day!

Normalise Breastfeeding

We are passionate about improving breastfeeding rates in the UK. Breastfeeding in your own clothes helps you to feel like yourself again and by feeding in public you are empowering other women to breastfeed with confidence!


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We want to show you how you can save money by wearing 'normal' clothes while still breastfeeding with confidence and looking fabulous. Because, well, breastfeeding is 'normal', after all!

x Philippa and Lisa

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