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Article: Alcohol and Breastfeeding

Alcohol and Breastfeeding

Alcohol and Breastfeeding

So you’ve had a baby this year and now it’s New Years! Since you’ve been pregnant you gave up alcohol and might have even given up alcohol while breastfeeding. But now it’s time to celebrate!!

Get all dolled up, get your best hair and makeup on … high heels! Woo hoo! The works! Or … maybe not?? Maybe you can’t really be bothered this year? It’s no wonder. It’s not really the same anymore is it?

We can pretend of course. We can buy those Bridget Jones style pants and slink around in a form-fitting dress, not breathing out all night. We can go even brighter for the lippy to brighten up our tired face. We can stay out all night! Or at least until 10pm. Because the reality is that you are TIRED. And tired people find it a real challenge to party. Funny, that!

So if you are wondering about breastfeeding and alcohol we are bringing you two ways to celebrate this New Year’s and you can choose which mum you want to be (they both sound pretty fantastic to us!).

Cocktail Mum

This is Chelsea. Chelsea has an 8 month old son who keeps her up most nights from 2am-6am when he’s a restless, cluster feeder. But Chelsea has said, "Screw it!" this year and has decided to go out anyway with her friend Sarah. Chelsea has bought a fabulous glittery skirt and is pairing it with her black long sleeve Bshirt.

Her son will need a feed while she’s getting ready and another just before she leaves. She’s worried about the alcohol content in her breast milk because when Chelsea gets home she will need to feed again as she gets in the door... Dad might have been holding a crying baby for some time before he texts her to come home please!

Chelsea leaves a bottle of expressed milk in the fridge just in case Dad needs it. Later on, her son will chuck this bottle on the floor in a fit, but Dad does his best to hold it together until Chelsea returns home at 10pm...

Chelsea has decided to treat herself to an alcoholic drink tonight... or maybe two! Since her baby refuses to drink her expressed milk in a bottle, she’s not really got the option to pump and dump. Does she need to? What is the low down on breastfeeding and alcohol? There is a debate and lots of information and advice on what she should do. She wants to enjoy herself but doesn’t want to get her baby drunk! Well, only if it guaranteed he’d sleep better.... No, that’s a joke. Obviously. Don’t do that. 

Here is the best information out there on drinking alcohol while breastfeeding from that holy grail of sources, La Leche League

So go on Cocktail Mums! Breastfeeding and alcohol aren’t a problem if you’re sensible and plan your evening carefully - so enjoy yourself. But take our advice (cause you know, we’ve been there) - beware the morning after the night before! Nursing a hangover while nursing a baby is pretty much the worst circle of hell you can imagine!! You’ll wish you were in labour. It’s that bad. 

Mocktail Mum

This is Sarah. Sara’s daughter is 5 months old and sleeps well at night but is a very early waker. So Sarah isn’t able to get out at night much and is really looking forward to a night out with her friend. Sarah’s not sure about the impacts of alcohol in her breast milk. She’s decided to skip it tonight as she’s so out of practice that she’ll get too tipsy after 1 drink anyway! But she’s still looking forward to getting dressed up and going out.

Sarah is wearing her Bshirt because she loves how comfy the fabric is while she is hanging out at home but she also feels smart and stylish in it when she needs to go out. Sarah is able to pair her Bshirt with some smart trousers and sophisticated heels.

Sarah’s daughter will be asleep when she leaves the house, but she’ll need a feed at 10pm. So when Sarah returns home she can just collapse onto her bed with her daughter to feed her. Because her Bshirt is so comfy it doesn’t even matter if she falls asleep afterwards fully dressed! Her Bshirt makes great pajamas too and keeps her shoulders covered during night feeds.

Her thoughts on alcohol and breastfeeding are that she’s happy to give it a miss and would rather play it safe. She’s not a big drinker so she’ll be ordering some Mocktails this evening because she loves the taste an they feel quite glamorous.

Mocktails are just as much fun as having a little tipple and can be really fun to order!  Stuck for inspiration? We like this list compiled by the BBC Good Food Guide. If you’re at the bar, chat up the bartender (for old times sake!) and see what they can make you. If you’re at home, go on and make a batch of Mojito Mocktails! 

Our favourites included the refreshing Mojito Mocktail, the decadent Spiced Pina Colada Mocktail and the suprisingly tasty (and on trend!) Gin-free G&T!

Marvellous Mocktails just for you: 

Check out the recipes here >>

Sarah and Chelsea are having such a great night out! Next year the babies will be older and they might be able to start getting a sitter… date nights here they come!!

Happy New Year to all the fabulous mama’s, xx the Bshirt team

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