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Article: Back to School

Back to School

Back to School

More than one and on the school run! 

Your mornings will be busy, so you'll need something to slip into pretty quickly while still looking effortlessly fashionable. Whether you're pushing a pram, riding on the bus or travelling in the car, you'll need something practical and easy to feed in - just in case your little one needs a top up before you begin your morning activities.

Pop on your Bshirt, which offers a seamless transition from breast to looking your best!

Our model Trish and baby Hugo are on their way to dropping off Flossie at school. Trish wears a Bshirt beneath a French Connection denim dress, fashioned with a flared skirt, tie belt and featuring a button-up round neckline for perfect wearability with the Bshirt. Simply unbutton and lift the flap!

Denim - It's iconic, it features in everybody's wardrobe and it's bang on trend this year. Everyday denim dresses can be worn when breastfeeding; just pair with a Bshirt and a pair of white pumps for easy, effortless styling.

  1. Buttoned Shirt Dress - £29.99, Zara
  2. Mid-Wash Blue Denim Peplum Shirt Dress - £16, Dorothy Perkins
  3. Fitted shirt dress - £34.99, H&M
  4. Bshirt in White and Black - £18.99 (as part of two pack) 

Normalise Breastfeeding

We are passionate about improving breastfeeding rates in the UK. Breastfeeding in normal clothes helps you to feel like yourself again and by feeding in public you are empowering other women to breastfeed with confidence! 

We will be putting together Bshirt Breastfeeding Fashion Edits every week directly to your inbox!

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We want to show you how you can save money by wearing 'normal' clothes while still breastfeeding with confidence and looking fabulous. Because, well, breastfeeding is 'normal', after all!

x Philippa, Lisa and the Bshirt team

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