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Article: CIBII Reviews the Bshirt Tshirt

CIBII Reviews the Bshirt Tshirt

CIBII Reviews the Bshirt Tshirt

BShirt started out with their signature vest, moved into long sleeved tops for Winter and now have a brand new t-shirt style for Summer!  See what we think of this brand new design……  

Article taken from Can I Breastfeed in it?

It is personal preference if you choose to wear a breastfeeding specific top, but I have to say since I got my first BShirt vest it has never been off (I have several shades so they do get a wash!).  They are a simple but effective design that just works, they are great for wearing on their own or with non breastfeeding specific clothing to help make boob access potentially more discreet and comfortable.  We see loads of dungarees and pinafore dresses shared as great bf friendly choices and the BShirt tops are a great option for wearing underneath.   

breastfeeding in a bshirtThe new t-shirt in use at a local spot that does great coffee and cake!!

It is not only the ease of breastfeeding with the Bshirt tops that I love, but there are other great things going for them too!  The panels you lift to get to the all important boobs are not loose or shapeless but fit snug so you don’t even notice they are there.  The tops are all a great fit and length, I can’t emphasise enough about the perfect sizing which is so refreshing.  Also the super softness of the organic cotton- it is so incredibly soft! 

The tops also wear and wash extremely well, important for milky stains and busy mums!  The tops really are a lovely quality, not to mention ethical.  The cotton they use is responsibly sourced and GOTS Certified Organic which means that there is no use of harmful chemicals, pesticides and dyes.  The clothing is also made in a Fair Trade  factory and they are advocates of buy less, buy better.  BShirt is run as a social enterprise who are on a mission to improve breastfeeding rates in the UK.

We have tried out some of the very first new t-shirts to see what we think…

black bshirt tshirt

Feeling the Grease vibes

The t-shirt has a scoop neckline and small cap sleeves, such a lovely shape it looks great with anything to be honest!  Perfect for easy summer breastfeeding with shorts or skirt and favourite flats.  The fabric is incredibly soft, the sizing is spot on, the fit of the front panel is nice and snug, the length is perfect, am not sure they could be any better! 

white bshirt tshirt with dungarees

With Lucy and Yaks

I know the BShirt tops may not be the cheapest bf top out there but I have to say that the fit, fabric and quality is really excellent, they are such a versatile breastfeeding top and really do feel and wear amazingly well #slowfashion.  Mine have become a breastfeeding wardrobe staple and once you have one you will want more!

lift the flap to feed
organic and ethical bshirt
bshirt tshirt lift to breastfeed


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