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Article: Bizzie Baby Review

Bizzie Baby Review

Bizzie Baby Review

Organic Bshirt

Wear the Bshirt Lift the Flap breastfeeding vest top on it’s own or underneath your favourite clothes. Simply pull up the top flap to feed.

  • No ties, clips or zips = easy feeding access
  • Makes your whole wardrobe breastfeeding friendly
  • Made for Mums Winner 2018 – voted by mums as the best breastfeeding accessory
  • Ethically made with premium quality, organic cotton
  • Packaged in compostable garment bags
  • Posted out in recyclable paper bags

Not sure what size to buy? View our size guide.
Fit: Dress sizes for a perfect fit.
Care: Machine wash warm, tumble dry low.
Composition: 95% cotton, 5% lycra

The Bshirt is UK Design Protected.

Available in Black,white,teal,light blue, dark blue, plum, green.  sizes 6 – 20

Price: £19.99 Available to purchase online

Organic Bshirt Reviews

Product Tested By Christina Coaker – Lucas 9 Weeks

Christina Awarded The Bshirt 5/5

Loved the packaging as it was eco-friendly and well-packaged. Thought the top itself looked nice and felt like it was good quality. The lace made it look pretty. There was information explaining about the shirt, how the company was founded and charities the company support, I enjoyed reading this as it made me understand more about the company. There was information regarding the product along with a note saying sorry it was late which I thought was a nice personal touch. Fantastic! Loved the fact it’s fashionable, comes in a range of colours and styles and makes breastfeeding easier. Easy to wear and can wear with a multiple of clothes – jeans, skirts, work trousers. Can also be dressed up for a smarter occasion. Simple to the point instructions on the label of the top. The fit was good, slightly bigger than expected (that could be because I was unsure of my dress size after just having a baby and putting on weight) I ordered a size 16 but could have got away with a 14. Helped me to be more discreet and as a first time mum made me feel more confident breastfeeding.  I did feel more confident breastfeeding in front of other people as the top is discreet and you can keep your dignity.  The material is lovely, great quality, feels lovely and soft and better on the environment. Excellent  product. The material feels luxurious compared to regular cotton and other brands that I have tried.  Fantastic quality.  Due to needing more than one of these I would say it’s a bit more than I would pay. Maybe £15 for the vest top and an offer on if you buy more than one? I loved the quality and thickness of the fabric. I would buy more if I saw them on offer. I would recommend due to being discreet for breastfeeding and making feeding easier.  Great quality tops that helps to be more discreet and confident with breastfeeding your little one. Christina Coaker – Lucas 9 Weeks

Product Tested By Jennifer Ayley – Neala 5 Months

Jennifer Awarded The Bshirt 4.5/5

I LOVED the packaging – it instantly stood out as a high quality, eco conscious product. I love the concept. I love that it is designed to help make breastfeeding easier thus hopefully helping to increase breastfeeding rates in the UK. I love that they are eco conscious as well as having designed a stylish product. Initially I wasn’t very keen on the lace trim but I have actually come too really like that. I opted for the plain black vest which is so versatile and timeless. The leaflet that came with it made it very clear how to use the product. However, when at home and not concerned with being discreet, I opt to just pull the vest down to feed so this could have been portrayed in the ‘instructions’ to show further versatility. This was a very good fit, I feel that it is true to size and it is also stretchy. When out and about I like to feed discretely but with limited faff! This fits the bill perfectly. Some of my other nursing tops are a bit more fiddly or just have too much fabric which can actually get in the way when feeding. That isn’t an issue with this top which is great! I definitely feel more confident breastfeeding in front of other people.  I feel that it allows for such discreet feeding without looking like an obvious breastfeeding top. It is a lovely soft top and I like to buy organic cotton where possible. It is a very high quality item that has washed very well. It is a bit more expensive than I would normally spend on a vest top but having read up about the company ethos and credentials, I do feel that it is good value for money. I loved the fact that it allows for discreet breastfeeding without looking like an obvious nursing top. Also that it is not a maternity top and so is a better fit than a lot of regular nursing clothes that also double up as maternity wear. I would buy this and I am sure that I will be in the future. I would definitely recommend for all the reasons above. A lovely, comfortable, stylish top that allows for discreet breastfeeding without compromising on style! Due to the hot weather I have been wearing this vest on its own which has been great as previously I would have had to wear two vests so I could feed using the one up/one down method which would have made me very hot! So this vest has been invaluable over the last few weeks and has had a lot of use. In the colder months it will be great for wearing under long sleeved tops / jumpers etc. It washes well and still looks as good as new. I’m very pleased with it. Jennifer Ayley – Neala 5 Months

Product Tested By Isabel Dagg – Mabel 7 Months

Isabel Awarded the Bshirt 4.4/5

I was really glad when it arrived as it’s been so hot recently, the material looked really nice and I liked the style. I think it’s a great concept and will definitely be purchasing more. I think it looked really good and appropriate for younger and older people. On a personal note regarding the style I would have had a lower neckline. Clear instructions and very easy to use. This fitted perfectly.  I really did find it easier to breastfeed my baby using the Bshirt. It was way easier to use than I thought it would be actually. I certainly felt more confident breastfeeding in front of other people wearing this. Really lovely material, nice and soft. Good quality and you can tell it’s not just a cheap top. I really love it but honestly think £19.99 is a bit expensive. I like that it gave me way more confidence feeding out in public. I would consider buying it purely because it makes life way easier. I would definitely recommend this to anyone I know who’s breastfeeding. I really enjoyed this product, the material is amazing, the fit was perfect, it’s literally so easy to use and really did give me a huge confidence boost. I do think however £19.99 is too expensive but it wouldn’t stop me buying it in the future. Isabel Dagg – Mabel 7 Months

I loved the quality and thickness of the fabric. I would buy more if I saw them on offer. I would recommend due to being discreet for breastfeeding and making feeding easier.  Great quality tops that helps to be more discreet and confident with breastfeeding your little one.

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