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Article: Autumn Leaves are Falling

Autumn Leaves are Falling

Autumn Leaves are Falling

Stay snug and stylish this Autumn, sporting the Long Sleeved version of the Bshirt, now available in Black, Bluebell and Devon Mist. And here's the great news... it will soon be available in other on-trend colours too!

This is the perfect everyday, at home, on-the-go, anytime breastfeeding top.

The luxuriously soft fabric moulds to your changing shape, so that you can wear it from day into night whilst keeping your arms toasty warm.

Perfect worn as a layer or on its own. Style yours from simple dungarees to wide leg trousers or a midi length skirt. 

These are some fab style ideas which we totally love and are perfect for this season. Lots of items very similar to those shown here can be found from a good root around your local second hand shops or from decent online second hand retailers. 

  1. Cable Knitted Pom Pom Hat
  2. Cordroy Culottes 
  3. Denim Dungarees
  4. Bshirt Long Sleeves in Black
  5. Leopard Print Skirt

So let's make a difference together. Let's move away from fast fashion and it's impact on our planet... water pollution, the use of toxic chemicals and increasing levels of textile waste... Stay stylish, but do it the smart way.

Top tips for shopping ethically: 

  • Try and buy natural materials - polyester and man made fabrics contain plastic microfibres 
  • When buying cotton, make sure it is ethically sourced - this relates to the water used when growing the cotton and impacts on pollution and climate change
  • Buy Organic and Fairtrade wherever possible - these standards are rigorous and can be trusted
  • Buy less, buy better - It's really simple, we all need to wear clothes. But buying fast fashion isn't sustainable or responsible. So buy less often and you'll be able to afford to buy ethical.
  • Get it second hand!! - Scour your charity shop Set alerts on Ebay - if you have a favourite brand there is no need to shy away, just get it pre-loved and recycle it when you're done.

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We want to show you how you can save money by wearing 'normal' clothes while still breastfeeding with confidence and looking fabulous. Because, well, breastfeeding is 'normal', after all!

x Philippa, Lisa and the Bshirt team

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