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Article: What's in your hospital bag?

What's in your hospital bag?

What's in your hospital bag?


Women have been giving birth for thousands of years and yet the idea of packing a hospital bag for the big day can send us into disarray. This is all completely normal, but do remember if you forget something, what you and your baby really you and your boobs!!

Here is a simple list from the The Bshirt of what we think you will need. It's just the basics ladies. And it's everything that we fit into that small duffel bag in the video. If we can keep it simple, you can too xoxoxo

In your wash bag, we recommend...

  • Tooth paste and tooth brush
  • Natural deodorant (aluminium free)
  • Travel size shampoo & conditioner
  • Cleansing water
  • Travel size hair brush
  • Nipple Cream by Dr Lipp
  • Wash bag by Nicky James

 For your baby, we recommend....

  • Gender neutral Baby grows
  • Mittens, booties and hat
  • Bio-degradable nappies and baby wipes by Beaming Baby
  • Organic cotton wool pads
  • Organic Muslin

For yourself, we recommend...

  • BIG knickers!
  • Soft, non wired sleeping bra
  • Dressing gown
  • Slippers
  • Pyjama bottoms
  • At least two Bshirts

You will also need...

Of course there'll be a few other things you think of, like your phone/camera and some clothes to leave hospital in. But other than that - that's pretty much it!!

Best of luck to you on the big day!!








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