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Article: Bshirt.... Free your wardrobe!

Bshirt.... Free your wardrobe!

Bshirt.... Free your wardrobe!

It’s now been 6 months since our little man arrived and there have been many challenges as well as some of the most incredible moments we’ve ever experienced!

Article from The Surrey Mumma

One of the things I was worried about when baby arrived was if I would be able to breastfeed. We had quite a tough start as little man was tongue-tied, quite severely, and so 6 days in we had to have a little op to divide the tie. After that, feeding got easier, but the duration of his feeds stayed at around 40-50 mins!

As a first time mum, the thought of breastfeeding out in public concerned me a little, bit I was adamant I wanted to do it. I’d read the tips about using a large muslin, bought strappy tops with clips and layered T-shirt’s/jumpers over the top but when feeding for that long with a little boy who loved to play with my overlaying top, it felt almost impossible to feed discretely! Now I know breastfeeding is natural, and you’re allowed to feed wherever you want, but I still didn’t want to be flashing my nips for the whole world to see!

To be honest, I’m sure no one was particularly paying me any attention, but I felt self-conscious and so at times, would find myself rushing what we were doing so I could either find somewhere out of sight, get home or disappear upstairs (if we had people over), to feed without worrying about flashing!

Then at one of our Mummas & Beans baby massage classes, one of my lovely NCT mum friends started feeding her little one without lifting a layer or unclipping tops and to look at her, you wouldn’t have even known she was feeding! She was wearing a Bshirt! This was the first time I’d ever heard of them. Such a simple concept, a top (vest, short sleeve or long sleeve) with a layered flap that lifts up just enough for you to be able to latch baby on without exposing your whole boob! I was instantly hooked and straight away ordered two – both black, one vest, one long sleeve!

As the months have gone on I’ve ordered a couple more vests (and with the heatwave we’re having at the moment, who’s wearing anything more than a vest to be honest?). These have been absolutely perfect for feeding in and keeping me and little man cool!

The lovely team at Bshirt then contacted me to ask me if would like to review their shirts and #gifted me two vests – tidal and bluebell.

I’ve bought a variety of cheap and more expensive nursing clothes over the last 6 months – my biggest regret is that as a first-time mum, I didn’t think to buy dual purpose maternity and nursing clothes as this would’ve saved me a lot of money! Secondly, I genuinely wish I’d known about Bshirts earlier! They’re so comfortable and super soft and definitely would have been versatile enough to see me through pregnancy and beyond!

At £20 a shirt (for the vest) they’re a tiny bit more expensive than some things you can get on the highstreet, in H&M or topshop for example, but for me the extra few pounds are worth it for the quality of the clothes and knowing that you’re supporting a company who are ethical, sustainable and do everything they can to support other mums!

The company was set up by two mums who met at a baby yoga class, who were frustrated at the lack of breastfeeding friendly clothes and so set up a business designing their own…..initially from their kitchen table! They are an ethical, British, made by mums for mums company and all their packaging is 100% eco-friendly! Part of the slow-fashion movement, their clothes allow you to adapt your current wardrobe rather than having to spend lots of your precious maternity pay (which lets face it is pants!!!) on a whole new wardrobe! They have won so many awards, including Gold from Made for Mums, and it’s easy to see why! They also donate a percentage of their annual profits to various charities and donate shirts to mums in need – last year, they donated 200 to Greek refugee camps and 20 to mothers in need in Exeter’s baby bank! 🙏🏼

I wear mine for everything! I’ve recently joined Busylizzy mum & baby classes and they offer a range of mummy fitness sessions – my Bshirt is perfect for these! The light organic cotton means I don’t ever get too hot in the class, but can feed little man at ease if he needs me too! (Coupled with my Latched nursing-sports bra) its a winning combination – even if I am practically passing out 2 minutes into the class from being so unfit!

I normally try to give a balanced view of pros and cons, but the only thing I could offer as constructive feedback for Bshirt is please make more styles – a breastfeeding dress with the same principle would be amazing!

I really can’t recommend these tops enough and if we’re lucky enough to have number 2 at some point in the future, I’ll be looking forward to wearing these throughout pregnancy too!

Thanks for reading!

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"6 months in and I’m still loving my bshirts so much"

"6 months in and I’m still loving my bshirts so much"

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